Book Review: Soft-Wired

Home Economics

The trouble with trying to write a fair review of SoftWired is avoiding clichés.

There are several that are applicable and so maybe I should just list them here and get them out of the way.  Here they are ( some of them, anyway):  revolutionary; earth shaking; groundbreaking; life changing; landmark.

Yes.  This book is all of that.  Its appeal is to basically two groups of people:

  1. those who have suffered trauma to the brain either through accident or disease;
  2. anybody over forty years old

I’m not going to hide the punch line here.  The message of the book – the thing that makes all those grand cliché s appropriate – is this:  the brain is like a muscle and it can be strengthened dramatically through the right kind of exercise, diet and lifestyle.  The book is full of examples of dramatic changes – healings, really – in the lives…

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