Day 63

I had the day off today and there is snow on the ground and so I spent an extra long training session at the keyboard this morning.  (44 minutes)  Made it through the company-arranged session with five stars in three of the four categories.  Still stuck on Target Tracker, which measures “attention.”  After that, did some memory work and some work on Card Shark.  Some progress in both areas.  My big takeaway today is the reality of mental fatigue.  Its no use continuing to do sets of push ups or pull ups one right after another in the hope of getting more reps the next time.  The muscles get tired and you can actually do less and less.  The progress – increased strength – shows up the next session – one or two days later – after your muscles have had time to replenish and grow.  Hoping to see the same thing with this mental exercise, but still in the dark about how much is too much at one time.

No doubt, though.  You do reach a point of fatigue and rapidly diminishing returns.


2 thoughts on “Day 63”

  1. I have read through day 63 and find something in common with almost everything that appears. I am discouraged. I’m pretty sure I’ve repeated these brain exercises for too long and my frustration at not being able to advance in certain areas doesn’t help one bit. Card Shark as one progresses beyond the first, easy sessions defeats me. I figure there must be some trick to knowing which card will appear, AFTER the first four, but its only guess work on my part if I get it right. I think I start off predisposed to failing and this isn’t improving my poor old brain! I could go on – but no one wants to hear a whiner. I just wonder about the efficacy of these exercises for any 76-yr-old brain. I’ve been at the subscribing to BrainHQ for a lot longer than two months – more like two years, off and on, and I can’t see any real improvement. So…what’s next?


    1. I have the most trouble with Card Shark, too. That and some of the moving targets in Mind’s Eye. I’ve been playing hookey from the training for several weeks now as other things have pressed in on me. Don’t really know what to say to you other than stick with it. I do have some better luck with Card Shark if I repeat the sequences to myself as they change.


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