Why Brain Training?

There are many reasons for beginning brain training.  I have more or less dealt with the first already: the idea that brain training is actually possible – that the brain is itself a kind of muscle that will respond to training in much the same way as a biceps or pectoral muscle will.  When you look around these days and see what kind of shape people are in physically, it is very easy to see that, through the abuse of their bodies – through eating sugars, grains and all kinds of processed food – many people are limiting their lives and their ability to experience and enjoy them.

On the other hand, we see people around us who have taken the reins over their bodies and gotten results.  These folks are slimmer, stronger, and more vibrant than most.  What they have done has taken effort – push-ups and pull-ups are not easy, at least not at first – and it is hard to change one’s diet for the better when everything around us pushes in the direction of lazy, high-carb eating.  I’ve made this journey, myself, and it has been an object lesson in how wrong the culture and conventional wisdom can be and in how much better life can be if one can break free from the grip of the culture and get onto the right path.

If our lives – the quality of our existence – are affected by the health of our bodies, how much more might they be affected by the health of our brains?   Daniel Amen, a noted neurologist who treats many retired NFL players and who has written a whole raft of books on the subject of brain health and its effect on the quality of life, says it this way: “The fountain of youth is right between your ears.”

In other words, the health of the brain can make more of a difference in our lives than even the health of the body.  This is an amazing idea.  Again, it is very easy to see improvement in physical fitness and to notice the effect of healthy exercise and diet on one’s life, but what about brain health?  Can it really be true that the transformation we might see through proper attention to brain health could make a more profound improvement in the quality of life than even physical exercise?

I am ready to answer that question in the affirmative.  That’s why I have started brain training.


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